11:12 am - Saturday November 28, 2015

Deactivation code for Reliance VAS

Reliance GSM

Reliance GSM

After so many complaints on Consumer court forums , Grahakseva etc nothing come positive as all those Forums are open to earn revenue from Google Adsense and are nonsense they are just getting traffic by those name and innocent people are waiting and thinking they will get result from company on those forum but NO because those forums are not official and neither Governed by any Authorized Govt. Authority. So i feel to write a Blog post so that i can help at least few.

Reliance have a Toll Free Customer care number 198 if u dial this number your will get IVR numbers you can get all kind of VAS Un-Subscription details over there for free.

To know which VAS your number is getting activated do SMS MYVAS to 55333 ( Toll Free )

To Deactivate these VAS :-

Altruist or AltVoiceChatDyPac serice : STOP 2361 to 121 ( Toll Free )

DailyCricket Pack Service : STOP 2360 to 121 ( Toll Free )

SheroShayari Service : STOP 1539 to 155223 ( Toll Free )

OsiCricketPack Service : UNSUBCKT to 51234

Further list will get updated and if  you have any code please update us on comment and we will update this list to help other.

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