9:56 pm - Wednesday February 10, 2016

Microsoft Windows 8.1: Upgrade For Windows 8 is Free


Microsoft Unveil Windows 8.1 Pricing & Upgrade

Microsoft has officially announced the pricing of the Windows 8.1 update. There are two aspects to this update. For any user who is already using Windows 8, the upgrade will be free. For others, who may be upgrading from Windows Vista and Windows 7, Microsoft says they will have to pay U.S. $119.99 for the Windows 8.1 version and U.S. $199.99 for the Windows 8.1 Pro version.

The pricing will vary from market to market, but in any case, a direct conversion to your local currency will give you a relative idea of how much the update will cost.

The Windows 8.1 version can be downloaded from Microsoft.com, and will also be available as the DVD package at a store near you. The update rolls out on October 18, for everyone.

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